How to Get 3 French Books in Summertime Saga (Miss Bissette)

Do you want to know how to get all the three books in Summertime Saga French Class Mission?

Summertime saga is a wonderful game with so many wonderful Characters, different Locations and an amazing Storyline, and Missions.

If you completed the game or currently playing the game then you know the French class mission where you have to learn some french words, sentences, or phrases to get a special reward from Miss Bissette in the school.

Most of the players love to play that mission and if you haven’t reached that mission yet but still want to know how to get those three books then keep reading because we have mentioned all the processes to get those french books in the summertime saga game.

You’ll find the first book in Martinez’s bag in the shower room, the second french book available under Eric’s bed, be sure to meet him on Sunday afternoons, and the third French book available inside Dexter’s Looker.

How to get 3 Books in Summertime Saga?

To get all the books first you need to visit the school and talk to Miss Bissette, she will tell you to bring all the 3 french books.

For getting the books first you need to go to the library and talk to the Librarian,

The librarian will tell you that the books are not available in the library, but she will tell you the name of the person from whom you receive those books,

First French Book (Martinez)

First French Book (Martinez)
First French Book (Martinez)

To get the first book go to the school then go to the washroom where you will find Martinez and her friend,

Talk to Martinez and ask her for the book, at first she will refuse to give you the book, but you can just wait while they enter the shower room.

Once they’re in the shower room just click on the Bag and you will find the first french book out of three.

Second French Book (Erik)

Second French Book (Erik)
Second French Book (Erik)

Now you can find the second french book is from Erik, So visit Erik’s house on Sunday afternoon,

While talking with Erik he will tell you that he forgets where he keeps the book, But when Erik tells you about the Magic card then go to his bedroom and click on his bed,

Underneath the bed, you will find the second french book.

Third French Book (Dexter)

Third French Book (Dexter)
Third French Book (Dexter)

Getting the third french book from Decter can be a tricky one, so follow the steps carefully.

Go to the basketball court, and you will find Dexter and Roxxy fighting about something, now go to your sleep and visit the basketball court the next day.

You will not find dexter on the basketball court the next day so go to the school and then Dexter’s locker.

His locker will be locked so now we need to find a master key from the principal office,

You have to visit the principal office after because she is not there at that time,

Once you are in the office click on the desk, inside the desk you will find the key, now you have the master key which means now you will be able to open the dexter locker.

Before opening the locker visit the basketball court again and talk to dexter about the book, once he refuses to give the french book then goes to the locker.

Inside Dexter’s locker, you will find the third french book in the summertime saga game.

Video Tutorial

I hope this post helps you to find all the three french books in the summertime saga game, If you haven’t downloaded the game yet then I highly recommend you to download the latest version of this game from our site for free.

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